Historic Somerset and Dorset

This page is intended as a gallery for photographs, taken my readers and subscribers of SDNQ, of historic sites across the two counties. Please send contributions, with a short explanatory caption, to editors@sdnq.org.uk

THIS ONE Cupola cropped for website


The newly restored cupola, church of SS Peter and Paul, Blandford Forum. The cupola was built c.1749 and completed the construction of the ‘new’ church after the medieval structure was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1731. SS Peter and Paul is said to be one of the finest Baroque churches outside London.







Looking down into Culpepper’s Dish, a sinkhole near Briantspuddle, Dorset. The ‘Dish’ is about 90m in diameter and 40m deep and may have been named after the herbalist Nicholas Culpeper (1616 – 1654). This natural feature is briefly mentioned in a letter written by William Thomas Horner Fox-Strangways to Lady Susan O’Brien in 1819. For a transcription of that letter see: S.Rands, ‘Transcription of a Letter from William Thomas Horner Fox-Strangways to Lady Susan O’Brien, January 1819’, SDNQ, Vol.37, 258-60.