This index has been compiled by merging the indexes that were printed in individual volumes. We hope to add to it as further volumes are completed.

Volume-numbers will be shown in boldface and page-numbers in normal type when the construction of the index pages is complete.

In earlier volumes, titles of articles in SDNQ were shown in CAPITALS, and names of contributors to SDNQ in italics. This distinction will be kept in the present index when the construction of the index pages is complete (while using italics freely for words that are clearly not personal names).

Use of italics for contributors’ names ceased from volume 29, and was replaced by a separate listing headed “Contributors”. We have converted lists of “Contributors” back to the earlier style, setting each author’s name in italics; thus all contributors are listed under their own names, not grouped together under C.
Use of capitals for titles of SDNQ articles ceased from volume 34. For volumes 34-35, titles are listed with their authors’ names (the latter in italics). For volumes 36-37, titles seem not to be listed as such.

In some entries a volume-number is given but not a page-number.
If the entry is of the form ‘X: see Y’, the lack of a page-number is appropriate, as the user will find the page-number(s) on looking up Y.
In volume 1 (and only there), page-numbers may be omitted, as explained in a note which reads: “names marked with an asterisk [*] occur in the tabular pedigree of Strode of Shepton Mallet, as well as at the page (if any) indicated”. The note does not say where to find this pedigree; but from an entry “Strode” in the index, it seems it may be near p.236 of vol.1.
Rarely (we hope) the absence of a page-number is simply a mistake, either in the original volume-index or in the making of the present index. In either case, we mean to correct it in future revisions.

“Alias” has been preferred to the short forms “als”, “al’s” and the rare “al.”

The long-dash — indicates something missing; most often, an unknown forename.

The practice of listing individual book reviews or notices ceased from volume 29. This was acknowledged in the printed index to volume 32, which reads: “Although the individual titles of books reviewed have been omitted in order to save space, the pages on which they appear are given under ‘Book Reviews’. In all other respects it is hoped that this index is a full and comprehensive one.”
A policy decision is needed about how (or whether) to harmonise the headings ‘BOOK NOTICES’, ‘NOTICES OF BOOKS’, ‘Book reviews’, etc. which vary from volume to volume as shown below. A good start might be to replace ‘NOTICE[S] OF BOOK[S]’ by ‘BOOK NOTICES’ throughout, which would at once make all these headings lie together when alphabetically ordered.

Vols 1-4 use ‘BOOKS, NOTES ON’
Vols 5-7 use ‘BOOKS, NOTICES OF’
Vols 8-11 use ‘NOTICES OF BOOKS ‘
Vol. 12 uses ‘BOOKS, NOTICES OF’
Vols 13-14 use ‘BOOK NOTICES ‘
Vol. 15 uses ‘NOTICES OF BOOKS’
Vol. 16 uses ‘BOOK NOTICES’
Vols 17-22 don’t mention book notices/reviews
Vol. 23 uses ‘BOOKS, notice of’ (titles not individually listed)
Vol. 24 uses ‘BOOK NOTICE’ and ‘NOTICE OF BOOK’
Vols 26-29 use ‘BOOK NOTICES’
Vols 30-33 use ‘BOOK REVIEWS’ (titles not individually listed)
Vol. 34 uses ‘Book reviews’ (titles not individually listed)
Vol. 35-37 don’t mention book reviews/notices
In some volumes, several contributors identify themselves by initials only, some by single initials, and a few by Greek letters. In the present index, the letters Γ Δ Σ are represented by their respective Latinised names, Gamma, Delta, Sigma, which in turn determine where they stand in alphabetical order.

The following note appeared in the printed index to volume 30:
“In order to contain this index within 24 pages, only article headings are listed for the Thomas Hardy series of special articles (pp 303-444), as also are minor references to certain places outside Dorset and Somerset.”

The following note appeared in the printed index to volume 31:
“Field names: The names of individual fields have, in the main, been omitted, though the locations under which they occur will be found under ‘Field and Place Names’.
Water and Windmills: References to locations occur under place-names, though individually named mills will be found under the heading ‘Mills’.
Wells Inns: An alphabetical list appears between pp 391-395, as well as in the text of Mr. Scrase’s contribution (p. 378 et seq), and, consequently, [these] are omitted from the index.”